Pranab da’s Congress Stewardship

July 17 2017

President Pranab Mukherjee will soon leave behind the splendor of the Raisina Hills, but not leave behind his political ambitions. Those who know him from up close say that he is now fully geared to steer the stalled Congress ship out of the sands, and that perhaps he alone can. And thus it is that those party leaders who are upset with Rahul Gandhi’s wayward as well as autocratic ways of command are forming a new clique around him. As it is, Dada has always considered Priyanka more politically matured than Rahul. No wonder then that Dada had invited Priyanka over lunch at his presidential palace and had long tete-a-tete with the charming lady. It is a measure of the man’s political acumen that he has maintained fair relations with leaders of all political parties, including the ruling BJP. During a recent book release event PM Modi became a tad emotional during his speech and said Pranab da is like a father to him. As a fully mature politician, Pranab da has always believed in following the rulebook. Which is why his relationship with Modi has remained unsullied till date. So it is being speculated that Pranab da will soon leave his presidential coat hanging in Raisina Hills and take up the rudders to get the Congress to see brighter coasts.

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