Poor Prakash on Modi’s radar

August 03 2014

Ministers of Modi Cabinet, beware! The prime minister is keeping a keen eye on you. Take the incidence that happened a few days ago, where a young and excited Prakash Javadekar, dressed in a fitting pair of jeans and a bright T-shirt, just got off at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport, when his phone rang. Sources reveal that it was Modi on the other line and shot him a direct question, “Are you going to Mumbai on personal work or for party’s work?” “Ji, on party’s work,” is all that Javadekar could muster up the courage to say. “So keep the decorum of clothes in mind,” said Modi. A little later, the same Javadekar was seen at the airport wearing a kurta-payjama. He may have missed his flight but he couldn’t risk missing the “advice” given by the Prime Minister.

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