Politics in between Ajit and Shah

April 26 2016

When the communication lines between prominent Jat leader Ajit Singh, who is also playing the decisive game of politics in his age, and Nitish Kumar snapped, a Jat industrialist took his worried and upset friend Ajit to BJP President Amit Shah. The meeting took place in a conducive environment, and lasted for one-and-a-half hours. Sources say that Shah, the master of political moves, tried to read Ajit’s mind, and the latter spelt it out for him soon. He wanted a ministry at the Centre and a Rajya Sabha post on the saffron ticket from UP. He also wanted 45 seats for his party in the UP Assembly elections in 2017. Amit Shah clearly told him that he was agreeable to all conditions, provided Ajit merges his party with the BJP. But the Jat leader didn’t want it, and offered Shah that if he got a Rajya Sabha seat, he might agree to just 25 seats, too. Ajit was ready to become a part of the NDA, however; in his opinion, if he merges his party with the BJP, no one will benefit from it – neither Ajit, nor the BJP. It was then decided that for the final and decisive meeting on this three days later, Ajit would meet Shah with his son Jayant Choudhary.

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