POK’s gift on Mumbai

September 13 2020

Recently, Kangana Ranaut enthusiastically compared Mumbai to the PoK and proclaimed that ‘she is afraid to go to Mumbai now’. As soon as this statement came, the entire units of Mumbai and state BJP was shocked. Immediately, undertakings of damage control were started, since Shiv Sena was facing allegations from every side, this statement was like shot in the arm and Sena went around propagating this statement of Kangana. In such a situation, Devendra Fadnavis immediately swung into action and overcame Kangna’s statement on behalf of BJP, saying BJP does not agree with Kangana’s statement. BJP’s General Secretary BL Santosh immediately resurrected an old statement by Aamir Khan, in which he had declared the country as ‘unsafe’ to live in. Thereafter, without losing time, the entire digital army of BJP and Sangh cracked down on Uddhav.

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