PM’s move to Leh worked

July 12 2020

At a time when China, which tries to arm-twist nations, is becoming isolated in the international fraternity and the support of Western countries for India is becoming vocal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also made an all-out cry on China without naming it. The Foreign Ministry was in constant dialogue with China for the last two-and-a-half months, but it remained inconclusive. In Galwan, we continued to witness violent Chinese activities after which came the first strike from India, in which government contracts of Chinese companies in India were revoked, so that China could be pushed even if very slightly, towards an economic slowdown. India recently bought arms from Russia and France, followed by a letter of support from France and a change in the attitude of Russia, which is considered a natural friend of China. Meanwhile, our Ministry of External Affairs kept in touch with other Heads of State, in which it was successful to a large extent. Thirdly and most importantly, for the first time, India supported the issue of Hong Kong in the United Nations, since until now, India had neither raised its voice for Tibet nor said two words for the troubled Uyghur Muslims in China. After this, 59 Chinese apps were banned in India giving yet another jolt and when the PM from Ladakh border defied China without naming it, China had come out to say, “We have peacefully resolved our border dispute with 12 of our 14 neighboring countries.” This statement is being seen as India’s diplomatic victory.

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