PM changed his tune on Kashmir

August 22 2016

Everyone must be curious to know how the PM changed his take and tune on Kashmir all of the sudden, and how he has started to talk about Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, and Baluchistan. The person behind this is a man called A B Mathur, who has been inducted into his team by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. Mathur is an IPS officer of 1974 batch, and has experience of working with both RAW and IB. He is also a great friend of Doval from old days. Mathur is also said to be an expert on Bangladesh and Pakistan. Sources say after being inducted as an advisor, he submitted a dossier to Doval on Pakistan, which the latter passed on to Modi. This dossier discussed in detail how Baluchistan is a raw nerve for Pakistan. And it was on Mathur’s behest that Modi pressed Pakistan’s pain point.

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