PK: BJP’s Prodigal Son

August 21 2017

Is the election magician Prashant Kumar, aka PK, on his way back home as the prodigal son of the BJP? Seems so, seeing that he had no less than two meetings with the Modi-Shah duo in the last few weeks. Birds and bees from NK Singh’s farmhouse sing that PK was instrumental in getting Nitish Kumar and Shah to meet. It is also being heard that it is Nitish who played the usher in getting back PK to patch up with Shah, after the two had fought to a ‘divorce’ more than three months ago. It is said that Nitish told Shah, “This boy is a very useful chap.” It is known that it was Priyanka Gandhi who had engineered PK’s entrée into the Congress fold, but of late, she had been upset with his operations. Her ire was because someone had cooed to her that recently, PK had divulged many Congress secrets to the BJP, including to fact that the party is in dire straits financially of late, pinning down the point by stating that he still owes the Congress Rs six crore. Sources say that Priyanka is so upset with PK that she has actually put his phone on ‘call barred’ list on her phone. But then the ultimate investor in politics-management has little worry, as he has managed to prise open the door back to his old ‘home’.

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