Pink revolution is soaring high

January 03 2015

On one hand, Narendra Modi might appear to be trying hard to get out of the election mode, on the other hand, several of his Cabinet colleagues have made a paper boat out of his election promises; they plan to cross the political seas based on these promises. In his election meetings, Modi had gone to town saying that he will try to dissuade the export of pink meat, if his government comes to power. Therefore, he was also seen talking about making the tax laws stricter. But a few days ago, the numbers that Nirmala Sitharaman, minister for commerce and industry(independent charge), presented on the export of pink meat in the Parliament gave a different pictures. The figures showed that not only has Modi not brought down the export of pink meat, but has also doubled the rate of the same. In financial year 2013-14, while 1389018 metric tonnes of pink meat worth Rs 27163.01 crore was exported, in the first six months of the current financial year 2014-15, 703535 metric tonnes of pink meat worth Rs 13945.34 crore was exported. The numbers are indeed astounding. Contrary to Sangh and other Hindu organisations, some able ministers of the Modi government were seen advocating the cow meat industry openly. They believe that this two lakh crore industry can give the national exchequer no less than Rs 17,000 cr. That means that no business is bad that brings in the money. Just like tobacco and alcohol, the business of pink meat will also continue to flourish, along with statutory warnings.

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