Pilot runs out of fuel

July 10 2017

Congress crown prince Rahul Gandhi seems all set to reinvent himself. Right after his return from meeting his granny in Italy, the first thing he did was to scrutinise the detailed but confidential poll surveys from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It transpires that Rahul had entrusted a well-known survey agency to smell out the opinions of the common people, as well as party cadre, in two separate surveys, as to who should be the faces of the party in the two states in the upcoming polls. In Rajasthan, the contention was between the old war horse Ashok Gehlot and Young Turk firebrand Sachin Pilot. In a surprise reversal for Pilot, veteran Gehlot romped home. They say the survey shows that Gehlot was handed a 71 per cent figure by party workers as against Pilot’s paltry 29 per cent! Much the same was seen in the general public’s response, who prized Gehlot with a 64 per cent margin as against Pilot’s 36 per cent. But the high drama is that CP Joshi is mightily annoyed with RaGa for not even keeping his name in the contention along with Pilot’s and Gehlot’s. Not even as an ‘also ran’ guy! Anyway, after the survey results were out, Pilot met Rahul and explained that it is natural that the person who had once been the Chief Minister of the state had carried more favours among those who polled, and he has asked Gandhi to give him some more time to work on Ground Zero!

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