Peeved Prateek!

March 06 2017

Just two days ahead of the polls in Lucknow, Prateek, the adopted second son of once Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav, desired to meet his elder brother, Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav. Apparently, Prateek had pressed the alarm button. That day, Prateek called Akhilesh twice in the morning asking to meet him, but sources say the latter told him that he was busy in crucial meetings. Usually reliable sources say that later, Prateek tried to call bro Akhilesh twice in the afternoon, but the latter did not respond. So Prateek decided to crash-land into Akhilesh’s home that evening. He demanded an immediate meeting with the CM, but found his brother engrossed in an urgent meeting. So he barged in and asked: “Does the honourable CM even have a minute to spare for his brother?” Akhilesh, the consummate politician that he is now, sat his half-brother by his side in the meeting. After the meeting ended, Prateek handed Akhilesh a list of around 40 SP leaders who, Prateek said, were plotting to defeat his wife Aparna in her constituency, Lucknow Cantonment. He wanted ‘bhaiya’ Akhilesh to speak to those leaders and desist them. But Akhilesh said, “Bro, these are but foot soldiers… you want me to talk to them!” At that, Prateek said: “At least, your officials can do that.”
Akhilesh said that was possible, and he’d look into that, but just when Prateek was leaving, the CM said: “Bro, the polls are on, so could you not find a better time to buy that Lamborghini of yours?” A crestfallen Prateek left the CM’s office.
But then, Akhilesh made no phone calls to any of those 40. And the word rang out clear, that Akhilesh wants Prateek’s wife Aparna to be worsted in the polls.
That night itself, Prateek spoke to his father Mulayam about this. Mulayam called up Akhilesh, but the latter did not respond. So Prateek got the message loud and clear, sources say.

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