Pawar in line for vice president’s post

December 21 2015

Why Advani, Maratha satrap Sharad Pawar is also weaving dreams of becoming the president. Sources say on his 75th birthday, Pawar shared his heart’s desire with Modi. It is believed that PM Modi has told Pawar that although not for the president’s post, the NDA may consider him for the vice president’s nomination. In conversation, Modi ji shared his feeling by saying, “Pawar sahib is a farmer, and who knows the rotation of seasons better than a farmer?” In simple words, Modi indicated that Pawar was adept at understanding and sensing the political climates. On the other hand, Prakash Singh Badal, too, has spoken about his nomination for the vice president’s post with the PM through Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. But no firm assurance has been given from Modi’s side.

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