Patel has a significant role to play

July 25 2012

If there is one who is advising Pawar to go a little soft on the Congress, it is none other than his close confidant Praful Patel. Also, Congress strategists are also trying to implement the idea if Praful can be made to break away from Pawar and join the Congress? But the biggest hurdle here is that Praful and Pawar’s business interests are inter-linked and so deep are the ties that it is believed that Praful has a big shareholding with an aircraft company, thanks to Pawar. Pawar, on the other hand, is said to have a big share in two infrastructure investment companies, and it is believed that Patel takes care of that. Praful has ties with 10, Janpath at all times, and maybe that is the reason that there has been an offer from the Congress that if he leaves Pawar’s side and joins the Congress, he may be projected against Narendra Modi in Gujarat by the party.

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