Paswan’s worries

September 06 2015

A few days ago, to share his complains about the BJP high command, Central Minister for State Upendra Kushwaha met with Central Minister and chief of Lok Janshakti Party Ram Vilas Paswan. Both leaders discussed Bihar elections for a long time. According to Paswan, Yadavs in Bihar were not 14 per cent, but 16 per cent, who seem to be completely supporting Lalu at present. Paswan’s real worry was about the 30 per cent voters from non-backward castes. He believed that the turnout of voters from these communities was extremely low, because most of them have left Bihar to settle down in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and even abroad; hardly any of them come back to Bihar to cast their vote. Where votes from Manjhi community are concerned, 50 per cent people from the community works in brick kilns in different parts of the state, and can’t take off for a day to come home and vote. That is why their polling average was low. For now, Paswan and Kushwaha’s worry was to take NDA’s core voters to polling centres.

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