Parrikar’s damage control

October 12 2015

Sartaj, the son of Akhlaq (the man who met a dreadful end in Dadri) works with the Indian Air Force. Thus, the moment the Dadri incident caught attention and exploded on a national scale, Air Force Chief Aroop Raha organized a press conference and said Sartaj will be given all the security and is welcome to stay at any of the base camps of the Air Force. When the chief’s statement reached the media, several Hindu groups associated with the BJP and Sangh were extremely upset. A complaint was made at the highest level, and right after that, the Central government got into damage control mode. It is being said that due to pressure from the Sangh, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar himself had to come forward, make it clear that Sartaj was only being given government accommodation on an out of term basis. For a second, even the Air Force was stunned at the defense minister’s quick call to action.

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