Parrikar Parries

July 10 2017

A Union minister representing the downtrodden people of a backward state called up Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar and said that his brother-in-law and nephew would like to meet him. Parrikar granted time to the duo. When they met him, the ‘no-nonsense’ Parrikar came to the point straight: “Yes, tell me, what is that you want?” The two supplicants said in a single voice that they would appreciate if some land is allotted to them for building a bungalow in one of Goa’s prize beaches. It is heard that Parrikar lost his shirt and simply threw the two of them out of his chamber. Not just that, he called up the downtrodden’s minister and said: “Who do you think I am, the CM or some petty property dealer to go scout for your relative’s land? The party president is coming to Goa soon and I shall take this up with him!” The minister immediately sensed the smoke alarm and tried to douse the fire: “These two, you see, had never even told me why they wanted to meet you. Let them come to Delhi and I will dress them down, but for god’s sake, please say nothing to the president.” Panjim sources say that the rough sea was boiled over, and Parrikar indeed said not a word of this to The Shah when the latter visited the tourism haven.

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