Pappu meets Modi

March 15 2015

In order not to repeat Delhi’s fiasco in Bihar, team Modi is being extra cautious and taking each step at a time. In this direction, efforts are being made to pacify the dissidents and lure tall personalities from other parties. In this regard, the heavyweight leader from Lalu Yadav’s party, Pappu Yadav recently met the Prime Minister. Sources reveal that the meeting went on for about 45 minutes. The leaders are said to have had frank yet meaningful discussion. When Pappu Yadav declared that he was ready to join BJP on the assurance that he would be made the Chief Minister if party wins the elections in Bihar, the same was declined by the PM who said it was not possible. Sources reveal that the Prime Minister threw a bigger challenge to Pappu Yadav asking him if he would resign from his Parliamentary membership and fight elections from Madhepura on BJP’s ticket. Pappu Yadav is said to have accepted the challenge with the assurance that he would be made a minister in the Union Government prior to that. The Prime Minister has assured him of giving the proposal a thought.

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