Owaisi’s magic off

September 06 2015

Making a lot of song and dance about it and trying to cash in on the saffron question, Asaduddin Owaisi went to Bihar to spoil the Muslim vote bank balance from Lalu-Nitish’s favour. But all he got was disappointment. Owaisi had gone to Bihar with the same BBC reporter of Bihar who had compared Owaisi to be a politician of the same caliber as Jinnah. He had gone to the extent of saying that Owaisi had the same kind of appeal that Jinnah once enjoyed on a pan-India level. This is from a time when Modi was holding numerous rallies in Bihar. The BBC reporter when to Kishanganj, an area that has Muslims in majority, and wanted to know if they will give their vote to Owaisi. Most Muslim voters were of the opinion that Owaisi was a maulana who could debate well, but they wouldn’t waste their vote on him.

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