Owaisi’s BJP Connection

October 06 2015

News is in the air that MIMIMs Asaduddin Owaisi was recently seen conducting a secret meeting with one of the Gen Secy’s of a political party closely associated with Amit Shah. This Gen Secy is the same whom Shah uses as his trump card and there are strong vibes that post Assam elections Amit Shah may make him the Incharge of U.P. It is said that this BJP Gen Secy in his secret meeting with Owaisi opined that MIMIM should open its office in each constituency to strengthen the organisation and the movement. It is also said that Owaisi has told this BJP leader that lot of funds are required for this purpose. Sources also say that the BJP leader had assured Owaisi not to worry about the funds and that he should concentrate to establish himself in U.P. Before the U.P. elections 25 rallies are on the cards. He has already started preparing for it. Dadri is just a glimpse, let’s see what’s still to come.

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