One Year of Modi Government

April 18 2015

Notwithstanding his image of being a great event manager, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not in favour of organising any big event or celebration on the occasion of completion of one year in office, as he indicated to his close cotrie that people have not given him mandate for 12 month but for 60 months. This he has revealed on his return from his visit to European nations. He is learnt to have told then that time has not come to evaluate the performance of his government. Therefore, he has not yet given contract to any private media or marketing company. However, those, who are managing he social media of the government, have been alerted to ensure that the twitter handles of the Prime Minister and other ministers should properly propagate achievements of the government as a whole and in case of ministers their respective ministries and departments. Meanwhile, Modi has convened a meeting of party MPs on this Sunday at Balyogi Auditorium situated in Parliament, where they will be told and trained to take the good message of the achievements of the government in their respective constituencies. Modi and and his core team know that the image of the government is not good, as it is seen pro-corporate and anti-farmer. Interestingly, however, corporate world too is not so happy and occasionally they have been expressing their displeasure too. Therefore, Modi government wants to sing paeans with much fanfare.

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