One-to-one with Captain

March 22 2016

The Congress and BJP had a bitter struggle regarding Rajya Sabha seats from Punjab. Sensing the footsteps of coming Assembly elections in the state, Congress chief in Punjab Capt Amrinder Singh finalized two names from his side. One of these was of Sunil Jakhar, son of late Balram Jakhar and leader of Congress Assembly in Punjab; and the other was that of famous Punjabi folksinger Hansraj Hans. Because Hansraj Hans is Dalit, Capt thought it will send out a positive signal to the Dalits in the state. Capt took the names to Delhi, met with Sonia Gandhi and even got her support for the same. But Rahul heeded the advice of his core group and changed his mother’s decision by finalizing the names of Bajwa and Dhillon for these two seats. Sources say Amrinder Singh was miffed with this and called 27 of his close MLAs and told them to work against most of the Congress candidates. One Congress MLA let this be known to Sonia Gandhi over the phone; she asked Amrinder Singh to come to Delhi at once and gave him a piece of her mind as well. Sonia said that according to the report that came from Punjab, 80 seats were going to Aam Aadmi Party, and wondered what they could do with the remaining 37 seats. A calmer Amrinder returned to Chandigarh and most Congress candidates got comfortable without any opposition.

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