Om Namo Bansal

August 07 2016

All’s not well with the BJP politics in UP. Party prabhari Om Mathur, who is trying hard to help the party come out of Shah’s shadow, is said to be pretty upset with Sunil Bansal’s work methodology; Bansal is believed to be extremely close to Amit Shah. Sources say Mathur has complained about this many a time to Modi, but the matter is always brushed under the carpet. This is despite the fact that Mathur’s relations with Modi not only go a long way back, they are also deep. There was a time when Mathur was also in the fray to become the party’s national president, even. Despite this, he is waiting for justice to be served. That is because everytime Mathur complains about Bansal to Modi, he is given the same standard reply that he will speak to Amit ji this time. Seems now only what Shah wants will happen in the BJP.

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