Of maple leaves and Gandhi family’s kids

October 30 2015

An old confidante of Congress-Gandhi family, Makhanlal Fotedar is coming out with a tell-all biography, The Chinar Leaves. The book promises to have a lot of revelations. Fotedar alleges that just a few days before her death, Indira Gandhi had said that her granddaughter Priyanka will prove to be her political successor. Is it a mere coincidence that a similar claim was made by party veteran leader Janardan Dwivedi in 2014, although the disclosure was put on the backburner? It is worth mentioning here that in April 2014, Dwivedi had revealed that a similar intention had been expressed by Rajiv Gandhi for his daughter. Some leaders in the Congress have also claimed that some Brahmin leaders in the party have a feeling that only Priyanka can take control of his sinking boat called Congress.

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