Of Holi, politics and YouTube

March 16 2014

With the biggest democratic game about to play out in the form of India’s general elections, political colours are doing the rounds. The tesu flowers are in bloom and Palashvan gives everything a fiery hue. Slogans and speeches are reverberating all over and at a time like this, all political parties and their e-armies are eyeing the internet. New funny videos are being made and are going viral at a fast speed, getting “hits” by the lakhs in a few moments. Clever ways are being devised to poke fun at the opponent parties. For instance, Rahul Gandhi in short pants and his election advert – “Har haath lollipop” is becoming a hit. In reply, under their “Dhol ki pol” strategy, Congress planners are hammer and tongs after Modi under this “Chai par charcha” video and it is becoming extremely popular. The video is also a hit on YouTube. The AAP has also joined the e-fight; the videos that have been made in favour of AAP come with a statutory warning “Protect your mental balance from run-of-the-mill debates, go slap the nearest Gandhi or NaMo follower. In the AIB-produced “AAP key aam, guthliion ke daam”, the meanings of Kejriwal’s body language have been decoded. In the dharna dance video, an interesting rap song has been based on Kejriwal. “Nayak to the common man” is a humorous take on the how Kejriwal became Kejriwal and how the Aam Aadmi Party came about. Pappu, Feku and fekriwal’s tweets, jokes, videos and creating new records on YouTube,Facebook and Twitter. This may be a new tradition in the Indian elections scenario, it is common for such videos to go viral in Western countries, especially America and England. Similar viral videos and internet memes created waves in the 2008 and 2012 elections for the American president. Now the story is being repeated in the Indian General Elections as well.

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