Oawisi’s BJP connection

September 13 2015

A few days ago, four maulanas from the Sunni Muslim community went to meet Asaduddin Owaisi in Hyderabad, the city from where Owaisi is the MP. These Muslim religious leaders expressed their worry that Owaisi was knowingly or unknowingly helping the BJP in the Bihar elections. To this, Owaisi replied, “No, it’s not like that. Our party also had our candidates in Maharashtra and the state today has two MLAs from our party. We want to get a foothold in Bihar, too.” To this, the Sunni maulanas told Owaisi that if that was the case, he should have candidates in the election for two or four seats, but in constituencies where their win was a strong possibility. If he launched his candidates in 30-32 seats, the community would get a message that he was playing politics on the BJP’s money. At this, Owaisi swore that a single rupee from the BJP was forbidden for him, because he was fighting for Muslims and their rights. So now despite wanting to, Owaisi will not be able to help the BJP as much.

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