Non-digital ministries of Digital India

March 26 2018

Experience mining minister of the Modi govt, Narendra Singh Tomar, is struggling with his delivery & performance. Perhaps this is the reason why the government has tampered with his portfolio multiple times.
Anyhow, in his attempts to up the game, Tomar is being seen, of late, very proactive in the functioning of his ministry. In the recent past, his ministry organised a ‘Sand Mining Framework Conclave’ in Delhi. It was a unique experiment of its kind in which representatives of different states participated. Bureaucrats and various sand mining companies also joined-in. As soon as the conclave ended, many officers and others sought a copy of this framework from the organisers. The person who was responsible for the distribution of these copies said that a person, who claimed to be a ministry personnel, took away the stack and now he is left with only 10 of them. On this, the people then asked for its digital or soft copy on their e-mails. Sources reveal that no digital copy was prepared by the ministry.
Our Prime Minister wants to take the country into a new digital era, but what should he do with his own cabinet colleagues?

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