No Taker for Sheila

December 21 2014

It’s the same story for the Congress everywhere. Something similar is happening with Sheila Dikshit, who had ruled Delhi for 15 continuous years. A few days ago, a Ghazal programme was arranged at India Islamic Centre at Lodhi Road. Madam Dikshit was the chief guest at the programme. When Sheila’s car arrived at the venue 15 minutes before the programme was to start, the guards at the entrance of the centre did not allow for the car to pass through. The guards said the car neither had a red beacon, nor a blue one, and neither had the management given the car’s number to them. Delhi’s former chief minister decided not to make the incident a big one and left the car at the gate and walked to the venue. Coincidentally, no organiser was there to receive her either. Just then, an official from the centre saw her and he escorted her to the auditorium. A week after the incident, a documentary film on Maulana Azad was to be released at the same venue. Najma Heptullah was invited to the programme along with Dikshit. Taking a lesson from the past incident, the director of the Islamic Centre Sirajuddin Qureshi was present at the gate well in advance. Not only did Sheila’s car manage to get inside the gates, Qureshi received her and escorted her to the auditorium himself.

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