No parole for Dutt

December 21 2014

Sanjay Dutt is said to be pretty unhappy with the delay in getting parole from the prison. Dutt’s lawyers also say that it is his legal right to get 30-days parole twice a year. His much-awaited movie PK released last Friday and is creating waves at the box office and even when he wants to, Sanjay can’t take part in its promotion. It is worth mentioning here that Dutt is in the egg-shaped cell at the Yerwada prison in Pune. Keeping him company is a 75-year-old prisoner, and Dutt takes care of him as well. He might not be able to stretch his legs in his cell, but he takes great care of his food and exercise. He prefers to eat fruits and vegetables instead of dal-chawal and uses two buckets full of water as dumbbells. He does his pooja and religious rituals without fail, and pays particular attention to the Shiv Purana. His application for forgiveness is lying with the home ministry, but since it’s only eight months before he is free, he isn’t particularly interested in the application with the ministry.

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