Nitish’s ‘most special’ is angry

October 06 2020

RCP Singh, who is called the ‘right hand’ of Nitish Kumar, is upset with him these days. His resentment is such that when Nitish was scheduled to have talks with BJP national president JP Nadda about seat sharing for Bihar, RCP quietly took a flight to Delhi. In that meeting with Nitish, Lallan Singh, who is considered to be a staunch opponent of RCP, was involved. When Nitish Kumar started his virtual rally, RCP could not be seen in it. But experts say that it will not be easy for Nitish to ignore RCP. As RCP is a Rajya Sabha MP he also frequents to Delhi, where he is the point man for the work of coordinating between JDU and the central leadership of BJP. Moreover, seated in Delhi, he is also embodying a big, long-standing dream of Nitish as well. He is also proficient in electoral management, and also manages election fund for JDU. Since he himself has been a bureaucrat, he also has a good hold in the bureaucracy of the state and holds considerable power in the transfer and posting of bureaucrats in the state. But, what is the reason for RCP’s displeasure? Recently, well-known leaders from Congress and other parties have started joining JDU and they are being promised of tickets in the assembly elections. Lallan Singh, Ashok Chaudhary, and Neeraj Kumar were the most active in the race to include these MLAs in JDU. For example, RCP promised to give the ticket to Shweta Vishwas, an old acquaintance from Bhumihar caste, from Paliganj seat of Bihar, but in the meantime, Jayavardhan, grandson of Bihar’s Yadav leader Ram Lakhan Singh Yadav, was brought into the party and Paliganj seat was promised to him for the upcoming assembly election. Another seat is Barbigha, from where Congress MLA Sudarshan has been promised a JDU ticket for joining the party, while RCP had promised to give the ticket to someone else from this seat. The third seat is the Kesariya seat in West Champaran where RCP promised a ticket to former MLA Maheshwari Singh who came in JDU from LJP, but now Nitish will field Shalini Mishra, daughter of former CPI MP late Kamla Mishra Madhukar. Experts say that only a few days ago when Nitish went there to unveil the statue of Kamla Mishra Madhukar, he had promised Shalini that she would contest from there on JDU ticket. It seems that Nitish is confident of this move as he believes that by doing so the cadre votes of CPI may also shift towards JDU.

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