Nitish’s desire for a double whammy

June 25 2012

Nitish Kumar is now preparing himself for double comfort from politics and power. And in any case, when it is about getting comfortable, his socialism, Lohia-ism and JP-ism has never come in the way. So, his talks and being pally with Congressman Shakeel Ahmed may feel like a wrong note in the opera. But Nitish has made up his mind to bid adieu to the BJP on the pretext of Modi. But it is also possible that just like his double game earlier on, Nitish may stay with the BJP in Bihar and is dreaming on sharing power with the Congress in the Centre. Nitish knows that the verdict on cases against Lalu may come in the next two to three months and somewhere down the line, the Congress also wants to shake its hands off Lalu. So, in the changed scheme of things, it is mutually beneficial for both the Congress and Nitish to be with each other.

  1. Gineide Says:

    Excellent initiative from a sttemsaan. It is something to preach, and something else to follow what you preach. I appreciate the efforts taken by Bihar’s chief minister. But 4.5 crores for such a small project? I think the biggest problem for implementing solar energy is its cost. The government should come forward and give credits for individuals using solar energy and other renewable sources of energy. It is happening in certain countries and we could also implement the same. With the kind of power shortage we are facing, it is required, actually.Destination Infinity

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