New governors will be appointed

April 21 2021

The Modi government may have to make another big effort as soon as the assembly elections in the five states are over and appoint new Governors in the vacant Raj Bhavans. Still 7-8 Raj Bhavans are lying vacant and many Governors are performing dual responsibilities, while many Governors have been above 75 years. Sources reveal that there was a discussion in the central government over whether the retired bureaucrats carry out the responsibilities of Raj Bhavan properly or the politicians. The government is said to be happy with the appointment of Manoj Sinha in Jammu and Kashmir and the subsequent situation, while on the other hand there is Satyapal Malik who has been troubling the central government. Still, the government feels that it would be better to place bets on politicians rather than retired bureaucrats. Ever since this news has come out, politicians facing political exile have intensified their rounds to the Sangh.

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