New BJP president in the new year

November 17 2015

More than with Modi, the BJP’s senior-member brigade is far more upset with party president’s Amit Shah’s corporate way of functioning. So, their first condition is that Amit Shah will have to go. At the same time, Narendra Modi has made Shah a matter of personal prestige. Modi camp’s argument is that Shah has not completed his tenure until now, and he is still completing former party president Rajnath Singh’s tenure. But the fresh defeat in Bihar has raised questions about Shah’s political future. Now even the Sangh seems to be giving credit to the argument that the wave of dissatisfaction within the party will ebb only if Shah leaves. Otherwise, this tsunami of dissatisfaction will only grow with the argument of staying true to the democratic system. It is worth mentioning here that Shah’s current presidential term ends in December. It might just be possible that the world’s biggest political party might get a new president in January, 2016.

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