New Bihar Congress Chief

October 08 2017

There is a mad scramble for the post of new chief of Bihar Congress. The state in charge CP Joshi has recommended the name of a person with whom Rahul Gandhi doesn’t enjoy good vibes. Joshi has been batting for Akhilesh Singh who is a Bhumihar and won the 2004 polls in a Laloo wave and also became a minister in UPA-I courtesy Laloo Yadav. But, Akhilesh quitRJD in 2009 to join Congress. Ever since, he has failed to win even a single election, not even the Assembly election he contested once. His detractors have been questioning abilities of a perennial loser to run the party. The second claimant to the post is Sunder Singh Dhiraj who was Youth Congress chief in the state for 17 years and was a blue-eyed boy of Sitaram Kesri. But, Kesri had sidelined him after Dhiraj demanded that Sonia Gandhi is made party chief. He is an OBC and Rahul Gandhi seems favourably disposed towards him. Prem Chandra Mishra is another contender who has come via student union politics but he too has never won an election. Yet another name being bandied about is that of Madan Mohan Jha who had won the last election. Bihar Congress thus in the throes of possibilities because Laloo is on a sticky wicket and Congress can gain at RJD’s cost.

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