Nazma off to Assam!

April 18 2015

It is almost for certain that Nazma Apa will lose her Cabinet birth. This so because she will soon turn 75 years, the Modi government’s cut off age for being in the government. In all probability, she will be sent to Assam as Governor. Nazma Heptullah is a Rajya Sabha member from Madhya Pradesh and she still has about one and half year to complete her tenure. Anticipating this to happen, another Muslim face of BJP Sahnawaz Hussain is eying to replace her in Rajya Sabha. Hussain is lobbying for this seat in the light of his utility in the upcoming Bihar assembly elections. However, sensing the Sangh’s indication Amit Shah wants to replace Nazma with Om Mathur. Attempts are being made to convince Hussain to wait for a while, as the party wants to bring him to Rajya Sabha from Bihar

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