Naveen’s New Fishing

May 07 2017

BJP fast gaining ground in Odisha and all the woes are those of Biju Janata Dal CM Naveen Patnaik. The clear signs of his frustration are that on the one hand, he is repeatedly knocking on the BJP’s doors in Delhi to establish a more amicable relationship, and on the other, he is sparing no effort to upset the party’s apple cart in Odisha. The BJP central leadership has made it clear that central minister from Odisha, Dharmendra Pradhan will be the party’s face in the next state polls. This has enraged the anti-Pradhan camp, and Patnaik is reportedly trying to fish in that troubled water. He has told these dissidents that if they join his party in adequate numbers, he will settle them in his ministry. Meanwhile, the Shah-Modi duo has finalised the candidature for the two Rajya Sabha seats coming up to be filled. One of them is Giridhar Gamang, and the second is Kanak Vardhan Singh Deo who is the husband of three-time BJP MP Sangeeta Singh Deo.

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