Nadda’s new team

October 20 2020

The removal of four general secretaries i.e. Ram Madhav, Muralidhar Rao, Anil Jain, and Saroj Pandey from the new team of BJP president JP Nadda is not a normal occurrence. Ram Madhav was equally powerful as Bhupendra Yadav in the old team as general secretary, Muralidhar Rao, it is being said, has been removed on the basis of his non-performance in carrying out the responsibility of Tamil Nadu where BJP has no prospects. It was more or less the same in Rao’s home state of Andhra. Anil Jain used to be close to Ramlal, is said to have received the patronage of Krishna Gopal, a prominent Sangh leader, but it is said that his complaint about some cases in Haryana had reached the PM, due to which he suffered. Saroj Pandey is said to have received the patronage of Saudan Singh, and ever since the demand of Saudan Singh has decreased in the Sangh, the stars of Saroj Pandey have also faded a bit. There was a discussion of appointments on four vacant seats in the party’s parliamentary board, which were vacant after the death of Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, and Anant Kumar and Venkaiah Naidu’s vice-presidency. It is heard that Nirmala Sitharaman can be brought to the seat of Sushma Swaraj from the women’s quota. The party’s general secretary BL Santosh was instrumental in the formation of Nadda’s new team who got CT Ravi, a state minister in the Karnataka government, and made him the national general secretary, and Bengaluru South MP Tejashwi Surya as the president of the BJP Yuva Morcha. But both of them are fierce Hinduist faces, which shows that the BJP can contest the next elections in Karnataka only on the basis of the Hindu-Muslim divide. BL Santosh is an engineer by profession, has been an old RSS pracharak and Mysore of Karnataka, Shimoga, and Bengaluru have been his areas of workings. He has a good grasp on the English language. He wanted to reward CT Ravi, who is also the tourism minister of the Yeddyurappa government, for the role in the ‘Rayat Sangh movement’. Anant Kumar had brought Tejasvi Surya to the party, but BL Santosh adopted him when he was not there.

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