Muslim Voters’ vote on SP

July 28 2021

Recently, when SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav arrived in Lucknow to attend a big gathering of Muslims, the organizers told him with folded hands that he need not attend such events because the outright votes of Muslims will go to the SP this time. Instead, he should devote his time to other voters. So now Akhilesh is convinced that the votes of about 21 percent Muslims and 9-10 percent Yadavs of the state can fall in SP’s quota. Akhilesh has almost convinced his uncle Shivpal to fight with him, and ‘Chhote Chaudhary’ Jayant is also with him. Apart from this, his talks are also going on with Aam Aadmi Party which is asking for 25 seats, but Akhilesh is adamant on five seats. He is also talking to Anupriya Patel’s mother Krishna Patel and sister Pallavi Patel to break the Kurmi votes. Akhilesh is constantly in touch with small parties of UP, as he knows that 1 and 1 together make 11.

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