Mulayam’s spy network

September 06 2014

Mulayam & Co. are in a shock at the way things are going against them in Uttar Pradesh. The way the BJP is influencing the masses in terms of fanatic Hinduism, and the way Hindu leaders have become extremely active in the recent past has made Akhilesh’s government pay attention to this is asking the state’s CID to keep a minute-by-minute report on the activities. The way things went awry in regards to love-jihad, the investigative agencies of the state told Akhilesh that several parts of UP are equipped with fanatic Hindu groups. For instance, Bareilly has a place called Thiriya Nijabat Khan, which is a locality of 25,000 people, of which 70 per cent are Muslims. This is an area where people have lived in communal harmony. No communal tensions have occurred here until now, and no riots have taken place. The famous mosque here has a temple right in front, where one day, four Hindu young men wanted to install a loudspeaker, and when the Maulana tried to stop it, things got bad and it came to fisticuffs. The young men ran away, but the entire area became tense. The UP CID then handed over a report that the four boys belong to Nagda in Indore.

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