Mulayam’s gulf love

May 11 2016

The Mulayam family’s love for Muslim’s is not a hidden secret; not just that, it is a crucial election strategy for the party. In the past, both Mulayam and Akhilesh have organized several lunches and dinners for ambassadors from West Asia and the gulf region. As the clock ticks for elections in UP, Mulayam told one of his close aides that it was time that the ambassadors of these West Asian countries organize a lunch or dinner for him as well. Netaji’s wish was their command, and Bahrain’s ambassador organized a working lunch with him, which was attended by 12 other ambassadors, which included those from Oman and Turkey as well. The lunch was to be attended by both Akhilesh and Mulayam, but Akhilesh could not be there for some reason. Mulayam attended the lunch with one of his Muslim Rajya Sabha members, and gave a long lecture during lunch on how he alone was the crusader for the Muslims. Although he had taken a translator along, he kept speaking in English every now and then, too. But most of what he said was difficult to understand for the ambassadors present. One softly asked the other, “Which language is the gentleman speaking?” The other replied, “Does love have a language?”

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