Mulayam still under scanner

April 16 2018

The Centre has set its eye on the newly warming relation of ‘Bua-Bhatija’. The Nizam of Delhi is well aware of how one mention of CBI scares the bejesus out of Mulayam Singh, aka ‘Netaji’. A similar phobia haunts Mayawati, too. So it is anticipated that as soon as the waves of General Elections 2018 will reach their highest tide, the ‘tax-evasion’ wild card will come into play. Those who believe that CBI has filed its final report on Mulayam Singh’s tax-evasion case, are hugely mistaken. A mere statement was issued by the then CBI chief Ranjit Kumar that the final report has been prepared but in reality, this report was never handed-over. Anyhow, various such cases yet rest pending in the offices of CBI and ED.

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