Mukul’s saffron love

October 12 2015

Dissident Parliamentarians from Trinamool are learning to chant a new political mantra nowadays. In a way, they want to follow Nitish’s footsteps and want to write a new story for themselves by befriending the BJP. The way Nitish Kumar used the BJP’s organizational and resource power to make a place for himself in Bihar politics, Mukul Roy wants to do the exact same thing in Bengal. Sources say that recognition of a new party launched by Roy is a distinct possibility. Sources also say that Mukul’s own speculation is that in the 2016 Assembly elections in West Bengal, his newly-formed party may get 35-40 seats; the BJP looks strong at 15-17 seats, the Congress might get 30-35 seats, too, and the CPM, 50. If this maths works out, the 295-candidate West Bengal Assembly might see Mamata’s Trinamool falling short of getting the required number for forming a government. Roy might emerge as a big player in this scenario. If this happens, Mamata might either reach out to the Congress or Roy’s party to form a government in the state. As of now, however, it’s all in the foreseeable future.

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