Mukul-Mamata proximity increases

December 06 2015

Nowadays, Trinamool’s rebel member of Parliament Mukul Roy is seen in the central hall surrounded by his old Trinamool colleagues, talking to them and sharing laughs. The truth is, it isn’t the old Mukul anymore, and neither is his friendship with the party’s MPs as warm as it used to be. But when a new friendship is gathering attention, it makes sense to try and get to the bottom of it. Sources close to didi say that Mukul and Mamata have probably buried the hatchet, and they are ready to let the bygones be bygones. Didi too has apparently directed her party MPs that they should not only stay in touch with Mukul but also keep a keen eye on him so that he doesn’t get too friendly with the BJP. Sources reveal that some senior leaders from the BJP had made some big promises to Mukul in the past, and was even told that in the coming elections in West Bengal, the party will prepare him just like it had prepared Nitish for the Bihar elections. And if the coalition works and wins, Mukul will be the next chief minister of Bengal. But the lotus has wilted somewhat after the big loss in Bihar. The BJP leaders have drooped shoulders and don’t remember their promises of yore either. Due to this, Mukul felt it was advisable to change his loyalty itself.

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