Mukhtar’s beginning

January 03 2015

Every minister of the Modi government is trying to make his boss happy. And because Modi believes in the policy of reward and punishment, his ministers want to present a pro-active image of themselves to the PM, the public and the media. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has taken the big responsibility of making popular a well-known election slogan “Modi Sarkar, Janta ke dwar”. In any case, Modi calls himself the pradhan sewak of the public instead of the prime minister. Concerning this, when Naqvi studied the work of his ministry for the past 15 years, he found that of all the funds allotted and to be spent for the common man, hardly reached them. Thus, in a planned move, he has given a formal face to ‘Mission Empowerment (Sashaktikaran) ’, and he has pointed out 100 such districts with a majority of minorities where more than Rs 200 crore from related departments has been spent until now. Now Mr Minister is personally visiting these districts and holding Janata Durbars in an effort to find out why no change has taken place. Why are there no sounds of change on Ground Zero? How can the 15-point programme that has been decided by the ministry be implemented? Naqvi has initiated the programme from New Year 2015, but the journey to fruition remains.

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