Mukhtar in a new avatar

September 26 2016

The changed stance of the Sangh and its branch organizations may have brought frowns of concern on the minority community’s brows, but the prime minister himself seems to be changing his take on Muslims. On his directions, the minority welfare department is fully proactive. After saying bye to Najma Heptullah and handing over the reins to Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Modi seems to be pretty excited about some of his pet projects. For instance, one of Modi’s brilliant ideas is to make more than 1,000 “Sadbhav Mandap” in the country; these mandaps will be made in the minority community areas, which will have a community centre, library, skill development centre, as well as the facility for people to collect there in case of an natural disaster or calamity, such as drought, flood, earthquake or war, and live and eat there. The minister of the department Naqvi has also announced more than 100 progress panchayats, under which minority community areas will have girls’ hostels, nursing schools, and so on. This project will kick off in Mewat in Haryana on September 29, after which the project will reach Alwar in Rajasthan on October 6. South Indian states are also being brought into the fold of the project rapidly, and according to Naqvi, “We will not wait for the states to approach us; instead, the ministry will go to the states.”

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