Mr Minister clean-bowled

June 26 2016

An all-powerful minister in the Modi government called up Central Minister for Textiles Santosh Gangwar and said, “I am calling you for the fifth time. You are still not releasing a notification on Chetan Chauhan. Don’t make the mistake of taking me lightly.” This was concerning the appointment of National Institute of Fashion Technology’s (NIFT’s) director. The minister was confused, because he had not received any instructions from the PMO. Sources say that the minister tried to ask the powerful man if he had spoken to the PM about this. He was told, “Yes, I am speaking to you only after speaking to him over the phone. Mr Minister felt assured at this, and he announced the appointment of Chetan Chauhan in a hurry. Incidentally, the other minister was on leave on that day. After the announcement, the minister got a call from the PM, and sources say the minister got a piece of the PM’s mind. He was told that he should have asked the PMO before taking any such decision. The minister referred to the all-powerful minister and said he was told the PM had been spoken to. “If it was so, why would I have called you?” said the PM.

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