Money talks

January 19 2014

A few days ago, on a busy road in a posh area in south Mumbai, an out-of-control Aston Martin rammed into several cars. The impact was so severe that the Aston Martin flattened down from the front. The car that was travelling at high speed banged against three cars, of which one was an Audi that was being driven by Forum Rupa Rel. After the incident, the driver of a prominent industrialist surrendered in a police station saying he was driving the car when the accident happened but he got so scared that he ran away from the accident site. Sources say that a few eye witnesses claim that the car was being driven by the industrialist’s son and the moment the accident happened, he was escorted away in a car following the Aston Martin. The woman who was wounded during the accident also doesn’t want to speak up now because she has been gifted a brand new Audi 6. The matter has thus been brushed under the carpet. Like they say, money talks.

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