Modi’s un-soothing soothsayers

February 05 2018

PM Narendra Modi and his political consort Amit Shah seem to be pushing for a quick second inning by advancing the General Elections for 2019. If the birds cooing in the 7 RCR orchards are to be believed, the duo want the General Polls to be held simultaneously with the state polls in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh in January 2019.
The thorn pricking the deeply superstitious twosome, however, are the soothsayers in their very own camp, the God’s Ears, for them, so to say. They say that on October 26, 2017, Saturn has entered the constellation of Sagittarius, due to which there is a lengthened period of apocalypse clouding Modi’s political horizon. This will last till March 2019. A top astrologer for the BJP predicts that the times are precarious for Modi till at Least March 19, 2019.
During this period, the economic fortunes of the country will suffer and there could be a serious decline in Modi’s popularity index. The opposition will find a unified platform and continuously road-roll the government. Worse, it is during this period that the Modi-Shah duo’s totalitarian manner of running the party will see many top BJP leaders quit the party and join parties where breathing is allowed without seeking permission from the two bosses. Modi is in trouble, The God’s Ears say, and he will have to fight on too many fronts at once. And they says it is not just in India. India’s neighbours will be also in turmoil, so much so that the dates for polls in both Pakistan and Bangladesh may have to be shifted. Imran Khan in Pakistan and Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh may have to face serious charges of impropriety. The well-wishers of the political mandarins in India are in a tizzy trying to work out solutions, and yet, the stars move in their own time following their own paths and care not two hoots to make a difference between the meek or the powerful.

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