Modi’s state ministers jobless

September 20 2015

The PMO has given a clear warning to Central Cabinet ministers that they better divide assignments with state ministers of their departments, send files over to them, and let them work. Leaving aside one of two Cabinet ministers, most state ministers in Modi government are merely red-beacon ministers. One state minister is asking for help from his aggressive Cabinet minister who happens to be a woman. Two state ministers wrote to the prime minister to tell of their woes and gave details of how they are being treated badly. Sources say that the PM has written to the PM that the room assigned to them in their ministry does not even have a toilet. They have to cross the corridors and use the same one that is used by other office workers. One state minister wrote about how he called for the joint secretary about a file and got a dressing down for it from his senior minister. When the PM was going through the report card of his ministers and this particular ministry’s number came, Modi suddenly announced that the report card for that ministry will be presented by the state minister. Sources say that in the presence of the Central minister, the state minister folded his hands to the PM, and said, “Sir, we can’t even appoint a peon, how can we enumerate the accomplishments of the ministry?” And thus, the PM passed his message to the senior minister.

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