Modi’s Nightmare Scarred

August 21 2017

Narendra Modi is a such PM who is always cautious about his name and credentials and is very careful that none of his close relatives could use his name unnecessarily. Some time ago, the CBI arrested one JP Singh, who had been running an organisation named Narendra Modi Vichar Manch. Singh had enrolled some seven to eight lakh people as subscribers and had been fleecing them. Likewise, one of the top bosses among the highest TRP-garnering Hindi news channels was under the scanner because he was taking advantage of his closeness to the Modi-Shah duo and minting tonnes of greenbacks by getting students admitted to medical colleges. Interestingly, a few months earlier, when this editor’s daughter got married in a multi-billion, glittering wedding ceremony in a Five Star hotel, both Modi and Shah, and their top cabinet ministers, had been in attendance, and Modi spent an inordinately long time there. Despite that, the editor is under immense pressure now. Albeit, due to his immense clout, the CBI has yet not put his name formally in the FIR related to the case, and has placed him as one of the persons to be questioned. However, the channel concerned has shown the door to the man who once was their darling. What is laughable is that the channel has told this former editor that the company has a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on corruption. So is this what Modi had referred to in his Independence Day addressal as cutting out middlemen?

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