Modi’s medicine to an ailing health ministry

September 20 2015

The prime minister’s take towards his ministers about governance have become a tad stricter. In the backdrop of Bihar elections and the noise it is creating, the PM had a straight-talk session with his Cabinet’s colleagues and asked them to name the government’s achievements in the past 15-16 months. Nearly all ministers had come prepared and had done their homework properly. When it came to J P Naddha, he shared the top three accomplishments of his ministry. One, his ministry is now equipped with e-governance. Two, post-natal deaths of new mothers has come down, and three, the supply of medicines in the market has improved. But counting these accomplishments wasn’t enough for the prime minister. Possibly, he wanted to hear things such as: dengue is proliferating in Delhi, and the hospitals in the Capital are cheating the common man, and so on. When Naddha couldn’t gauge the unsaid things Modi said, sources reveal the prime minister ultimately did ask him, “Talk about what your ministry has done when it comes to good work for patients.” Obviously, Mr minister has nothing to say to that; when he came out, colleague ministers wanted to know what had transpired. Mr minister said his number had not come as yet, and that the prime minister will send for him again.

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