Modi’s media

April 20 2014

There is a line of journalists waiting to handle Modi’s media department. Of these, Swapan Dasgupta, M J Akbar, Madhu Kishwar, Ashwini Chopra and Hemant Sharma’s name also feature. The names of Swapan Dasgupta who is Modi’s media advisor and Hemant Sharma who is handling Modi’s work in Varanasi are shining more than others. The brother-in-law of a Congress leader late Devendra Dwivedi, Hemant Sharma has been the bureau chief in Lucknow for a prominent Delhi newspaper. Later, he joined Rajat Sharma’s India TV and from there, he got close to Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. Talking about the popular Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrimage and praising God Shiva, Sharma has also written a book on the subject: “Dwitiyo Nasti!”. Apart from this, to give a suitable reply to Muslim fanatics, Modi will also keep an adequate tab on Urdu newspapers, channels and the journalists. Urdu newspapers may get a number of government ads. Modi might also make Madhu Kishwar the head of Women’s Commission.


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